4 Best Ways to Love Your Eyes

Your eyes work hard all day. Here are four ways to give them a break and help protect your vision at the same time.

15-Second Weekly Eye Test

Nothing replaces your regular eye exam, but this quick-and-simple weekly eye check can help you spot vision changes before they become a problem.

The Future of Eyeglasses

From new frame materials to 3D printing, these four emerging trends prove the future of eyewear is anything but dull.

How Alcohol Hurts Your Vision

Over time, drinking alcohol can harm your optic nerve and contribute to many eye diseases. Here's a closer look.

Top 3 Eye Health Myths

Even those with 20/20 vision need regular eye exams. Learn the impact on your vision when you read in low light or squint.

How Exercise Helps Your Eyes

One fun way to improve your eye health is with a little daily exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol from damaging your vision.